ImageDatabase System is the heart of the billing platform. The system features high-performance throughput with over 50 new calls per second capability and over 5 thousand concurrent calls and over 4,000,000 calls per day.

The database can run in a replicated mode to allow full fail over functionality. Our solution features SQL Server integration on Linux platform. Most of the billing logic is database based to allow high level of security and unmatched performance.

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ImageBusinesses, organizations, and communities has realized the important of telephone communications. Some investments have been made to provide this communication to buy PBXs, build the network, and buy telephones. Internet development has changed this condition through the emerging of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

This new technology introduces some benefits by using the network to pass data traffic as well as voice/telephone traffic. Data networks and telephone networks converge into a next generation network with rich revices, applications, open architecture, and efficient cost. 

Clarisense Digital Media provides the telephony solutions for businesses, organizations, goverments, and communities that eager to implement this new technology. The investment in this solution will secure the existing system in the next mainstream of converging network. More applications and services can be deployed to give more benefits.
Clarisense introduces an i-Scope IP-PBX system, that is a cost effective, reliable and scalable solution to deliver IP Telephony services. i-Scope offer many benefits to business – seamless conectivity, simpler moves-add-changes, easier integration of remote office, distributed services and applications. i-Scope offer a smooth integration between IP Telephony network and traditional telephony, so the i-Scope could be integrated to existing PABX system. This will cut cost for the investment while the advanced communication could be deployed. 

i-Scope provides media bridging between analog line PSTN and Internet network. i-Scope can acts as a media gateway to make calls through Internet thus it is an ideal way to ease phone fee for businesses. i-Scope uses some popular Internet telephony protocols such as H.323, SIP, and MGCP, and also support the most popular codec, G.723.1, G.7239, GSM, and PCM. This product should bring voice over the Internet easily and efficiently. Some interesting features of the products are: Voicemail (with e-mail notification), reconfigurable Interactive Voice Response system, music on hold with MP3 music, call conference, and miscellaneous call manipulation. This product can be deployed as an IP-PBX, softswitch, media gateway or media server.


i-Scope IP-PBX provides some benefits:

  • Remote office integration: The IP-PBX system could be extended from head office into branch offices through various connections of IP network (leased line, satellite, dial-up, wireless). This will cutting cost of investment, because only one IP-PBX server placed in the head office while the extensions are deployed in many areas.
  • Mobility: Technology in the IP-PBX system allows the users to register their phone number in everywhere as long as they connect with IP network/VPN to their office. Users can choice the terminals they want to use (Laptop/PDA/Personal Computer, SIP Phone, or Analog Phone). Users can register and unregistered to the IP-PBX system easily.
  • Scalability: The architecture of i-Scope IP-PBX is fully open in scalability features. The system could be deployed as a small or medium system, but could be expanded to a high range of capacity. Terminals and other devices such as analog telephone adapter (ATA) or PSTN gateways can be registered to the IP-PBX system easily through a web-based configuration system.
  • Easy Configuration and Management: Clarisense provides a configuration and management system in a web-based system. Administrator or supervisor can configure and manage IP-PBX system easily using a mouse click. Help system provides a comprehensive guidance to administrator or supervisor even for a beginner staff.


System Architecture:

Distance between head office and branch offices is no longer problems for communication. Utilizing an i-Scope IP-PBX in head office, communication becomes free through IP infrastructure between them. i-Scope can extend both local extensions and remote extensions that are connected under one dial plan system.

i-Scope allows smooth migration from analog telephone networks to IP telephony networks because the system can be integrated to PABX system using both digital connection (E1/T1) and extension connection (FXS/FXO).

Integration of IP Telephony networks with PSTN networks allows local extensions and remote extensions to make outgoing call, but this depend on the policy of system administrator.
System Features:

i-Scope is based on advanced IP technology, eases the process of adding or customizing intelligent functionality and services for telecom and business requirements. The key features of i-Scope is described as follows:

  • Support SIP RFC-3261, H.323 ITU-T and TDM both analog and digital protocols.
  • Support ITU-T codec standard G.729 ACELP, G.723.1 Dual Rate Codec and G.711 PCM.
  • Silence Suppression and Voice Activity Detection (VAD)
  • T1/E1 and ISDN PRI digital trunks interface provides high quality and high density VoIP operation
  • Caller ID receiving (DTMF and FSK)
  • Easy configuration on web-based administration system
  • Complete call detail report (CDR) with searching and grouping function
Download Brochure: IP-PBX_Brochure.pdf (181 KB)
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