ImageMedia Gateway, also commonly referred to as VoIP Gateway is device which provides connection between an endpoint on VoIP packet-switched network and PSTN circuit-switched network.

The gateway translates between transmission formats and the communication protocols that are used on each side. The gateway packetizes the voice and routes it over VoIP network. In carrier class system, media gateways are provided as stand-alone devices.

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Outbound Contact Center is a service that provides outgoing call to customer based on manual or automatic dialer. Manual dialer typically using preview dialer provides opportunity for agents to review about contact information and allows agents to choose when to dial that contact. During the preview time, agents may edit or lookup additional information about the contact in other applications.


Automatic dialer typically using progressive or predictive dialer. Progressive dialer provides agents a set amount of time to review about the contact before automatically dialing the outbound call. When the dialer meet a busy call or can’t meet with customer, the dialer can repeat dialing the customer in the next time depend on their configuration. Benefit of progressive dialer is the customer have been contacted one by one.


A predictive dialer leverages a CRM or database system in order to place outbound calls to targeted customers. Once a contact to customer has been reached, the calls is immediately routed to available agent, simultaneously providing agent with the contact information. Predictive dialer is suited for telemarketing to catch customer as many as possible.

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