ImageApplication Server provides a variety of features and applications that can operate on IP-based network. Application Server can be categorized into Media Server and Feature Server.

A Media Server is classified from Feature Server separately because applications need specific processing for media content. It means a Media Server must be supported by digital signal processing hardware with high performance.

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ImageA Contact Center is a critical component of modern companies, and should be included in the business strategy. A Contact Center helps route customer support calls to the next available agent or most appropriate person in a specific department based on interactive menu options. Contact Centers also use an automatic dialer to call prospective contacts. i-Centra provides a cost-effective Contact Center solution for companies who want to deliver best services to their customer.

i-Centra can be deployed as a small scale Contact Center solution and a high capacity system while providing a high quality of service. An easy and flexible system maintenance and troubleshooting is provided by an intuitive web-based application for an administrator. The solution can leverage an existing PBX system or build a new Contact Center system.i-Centra provides more benefits to business:

  • Easy Integration to Existing System: i-Centra provides an easy integration between Contact Center system with existing system including IP-PBX system, Softswitch system and Analog system. Customers which are connect to the system with both analog or IP infrastructure can access Contact Center system directly.
  • Better services to customers: i-Centra allows business to delivers a better service to their customer through a 24 hours system available. This system will improve customer satisfaction by delivering a complete and flexible system to handle customer’s problems.
  • Improving employee productivity: i-Centra provides an automatic and advanced system in handling customer, allows employee to handle customer based on computer system.
  • Easy Administration: i-Centra provides an easy tool for system administration. System configuration, management, maintenance and monitoring can be accessed through a web-based  operational support system (OSS).
  • Reduce Cost of Investment: i-Centra is developed in house using an opensource platform (Opensoure Operating System, Databases and Program Applications) makes a low cost for investing a Contact Center system. There will be no additional cost for software lisences.
  • Increase Revenue Opportunity: i-Centra is an intelligent Contact Center system with fully rich features. This enables a customer service to serve customers more effectively provides a high level of customer satisfaction. The automatic dialer will capture more customers because the dialing system is handled by machines.
  • Integration with Customer Relationship Management (CRM): i-Centra support integration to various CRM platforms such as Heat, Goldmine, etc.

i-Centra delivers a full range of capabilities: CTI integration, autoattendant and IVR system, Skill-based ACD, UMS (Fax Server/Fax on Demand), Call Recording System, Automatic Dialer (Predictive and Progressive), Voicemail and Voice Conference, Agent and Supervisor Desktop, and CDR/Billing System.
Download Brochure: iCentra_CC_Brochure.pdf (384 KB) 
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