ImageDatabase System is the heart of the billing platform. The system features high-performance throughput with over 50 new calls per second capability and over 5 thousand concurrent calls and over 4,000,000 calls per day.

The database can run in a replicated mode to allow full fail over functionality. Our solution features SQL Server integration on Linux platform. Most of the billing logic is database based to allow high level of security and unmatched performance.

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ImageA Contact Center is a critical component of modern companies, and should be included in the business strategy. A Contact Center helps route customer support calls to the next available agent or most appropriate person in a specific department based on interactive menu options. Contact Centers also use an automatic dialer to call prospective contacts. i-Centra provides a cost-effective Contact Center solution for companies who want to deliver best services to their customer.

i-Centra can be deployed as a small scale Contact Center solution and a high capacity system while providing a high quality of service. An easy and flexible system maintenance and troubleshooting is provided by an intuitive web-based application for an administrator. The solution can leverage an existing PBX system or build a new Contact Center system.i-Centra provides more benefits to business:

  • Easy Integration to Existing System: i-Centra provides an easy integration between Contact Center system with existing system including IP-PBX system, Softswitch system and Analog system. Customers which are connect to the system with both analog or IP infrastructure can access Contact Center system directly.
  • Better services to customers: i-Centra allows business to delivers a better service to their customer through a 24 hours system available. This system will improve customer satisfaction by delivering a complete and flexible system to handle customer’s problems.
  • Improving employee productivity: i-Centra provides an automatic and advanced system in handling customer, allows employee to handle customer based on computer system.
  • Easy Administration: i-Centra provides an easy tool for system administration. System configuration, management, maintenance and monitoring can be accessed through a web-based  operational support system (OSS).
  • Reduce Cost of Investment: i-Centra is developed in house using an opensource platform (Opensoure Operating System, Databases and Program Applications) makes a low cost for investing a Contact Center system. There will be no additional cost for software lisences.
  • Increase Revenue Opportunity: i-Centra is an intelligent Contact Center system with fully rich features. This enables a customer service to serve customers more effectively provides a high level of customer satisfaction. The automatic dialer will capture more customers because the dialing system is handled by machines.
  • Integration with Customer Relationship Management (CRM): i-Centra support integration to various CRM platforms such as Heat, Goldmine, etc.

i-Centra delivers a full range of capabilities: CTI integration, autoattendant and IVR system, Skill-based ACD, UMS (Fax Server/Fax on Demand), Call Recording System, Automatic Dialer (Predictive and Progressive), Voicemail and Voice Conference, Agent and Supervisor Desktop, and CDR/Billing System.
Download Brochure: iCentra_CC_Brochure.pdf (384 KB) 
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