ImageApplication Server provides a variety of features and applications that can operate on IP-based network. Application Server can be categorized into Media Server and Feature Server.

A Media Server is classified from Feature Server separately because applications need specific processing for media content. It means a Media Server must be supported by digital signal processing hardware with high performance.

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As prices continue to drop in the highly competitive long distance market, carriers are increasingly challenged to find ways to maintain viable margins. Based on highly efficient and field proven packet tandem switching infrastructure, SIPsense Carrier-Grade VoIP Solution enables carriers to reduce costs and to increase revenue opportunities through the addition of enhanced IP services.
The solution combines softswitch functionality and rich application with the reduced operational costs of VoIP networks. Optimized for the domestic long distance market, this application provides carrier-class reliability, end-to-end security scalability and high performance used to control large-scale, high-density trunking gateways. It also allows for PSTN quality voice services.

In addition, by leveraging the inherent efficiencies of VoIP networks, carriers can lower their maintenance and transport costs for domestic long distance services. Moreover, this solution enables a more efficient network topology than TDM based networks as network elements can deployed with the required capacity and functionality for a given location. A distributed, centrally managed architecture allows fast scale up through easy addition of POPs and equipments.
Open architecture of IP infrastructure allows more applications can be offer to customer to add values. Those applications such as voicemail, unified messaging system, Interactive Voice Response, Automatic Call Distribution,  and other  possible applications can be deployed with some degree of flexibility.

The Benefits of SIPsense solution:

  • Reduced Opex and Capex

With a much smaller equipment footprint than TDM networks, our carrier system require less floor space and reduce heating, cooling and electricity requirements. Centralized management enables system administrators to efficiently configure and manage network elements from a remote side. Advanced voice compression and smart routing policies enable maximum use of bandwidth and selection of least cost call routers, resulting in highly efficient network operations. In addition, capital costs associated with SIPsense equipment  are substantially lower than investment in legacy switching and management devices.

  • High Quality Voice

Advanced voice packet handling, including reconstruction and redundancy, results in high quality voice. Supporting codecs include G.711, G.723.1, and G.729 match any network condition, while echo cancellation, silence suppression, voice activity detection, dynamic jitter buffer and comfort noise generation create a best-in-class user experience.

  • Multi-Applications Platform

The applications support a wide variety of basic and enhanced services, meeting the diverse needs of your customers. For example revenue-generating applications such as enterprise VoIP trunking and prepaid calling services can easily be added to enhance your service portfolio. Innovative services can be developed rapidly using application programming interfaces.

  • Scalability

Our system architecture supports incremental growth in number of ports, call capacity and services. Highly cost-effective scalability is achieved through expansion of service-specific components, without affecting the entire system. The system is flexible to deploy as a centralized or distributed system, from small network to massive network.

  • Flexible Call Routing

Our system allows a flexibility of controlling voice traffic through IP networks. Supporting by intelligent quality of service provisioning, you can classify the voice traffic into classes with prioritization. Routing decisions are governed by the prioritization that is configured on the user friendly dialing plans.

  • Comprehensive Security Features

SIP-based security allows secure connections between non-private networks, while NAT/firewall support guarantees safe interconnection to other carriers’ networks. SIP security ensures that only authorized users can access the network, preventing call theft and fraud. Secured management protocols provide additional administrative security.


Implementation of SIPsense:

SIPsense is a Carrier Grade VoIP solution that is suitable for SOHO, Residential and SME markets who wants to cut cost for telephony.



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