ImageMedia Gateway, also commonly referred to as VoIP Gateway is device which provides connection between an endpoint on VoIP packet-switched network and PSTN circuit-switched network.

The gateway translates between transmission formats and the communication protocols that are used on each side. The gateway packetizes the voice and routes it over VoIP network. In carrier class system, media gateways are provided as stand-alone devices.

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High Availability (HA) solution provides high availability (failover) capabilities  on system hang, system crash/down and network failures condition. When a main system stop running, then a secondary system will take over to handle calls both incoming and outgoing calls as well as before the main system stop running. This will provides a high availability and minimize failures on the system. The system will synchronize the critical data between two or more systems to get redundancy data.

HA provides a Web-based system management tool that continuously monitors the system availability and performance.  In an event of network error, HA can alert the network administrator to makes a preventive maintenance or troubleshooting of the system. This will protect the information in a Database System and reduces the system failures. If the system goes down, HA automatically notifies the network administrator and writes the detail failures to a log file.


HA solution provides some benefits as follows:

  • Minimize the failures of system that are caused by system hang, system crash/down, and network failures
  • Provides maximum data redundancy because of a real-time data synchronization mechanism
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