ImageMedia Gateway, also commonly referred to as VoIP Gateway is device which provides connection between an endpoint on VoIP packet-switched network and PSTN circuit-switched network.

The gateway translates between transmission formats and the communication protocols that are used on each side. The gateway packetizes the voice and routes it over VoIP network. In carrier class system, media gateways are provided as stand-alone devices.

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Clarisense provides H.323 – SIP Converter solution that is a control protocol bridging between H.323 network and Session Innitiation Protocol (SIP) network. This converter provides transcoding capability to media flows of PCM G.711 U-law and A-law, GSM codec and ACELP G.729.


The benefits of H323-SIP Converter:

  • Seemless interoperability between SIP endpoints and H.323-based network
  • Easy connectivity between VoIP networks of carriers and customers through conversion of media codecs
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