ImageApplication Server provides a variety of features and applications that can operate on IP-based network. Application Server can be categorized into Media Server and Feature Server.

A Media Server is classified from Feature Server separately because applications need specific processing for media content. It means a Media Server must be supported by digital signal processing hardware with high performance.

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Clarisense provides H.323 – SIP Converter solution that is a control protocol bridging between H.323 network and Session Innitiation Protocol (SIP) network. This converter provides transcoding capability to media flows of PCM G.711 U-law and A-law, GSM codec and ACELP G.729.


The benefits of H323-SIP Converter:

  • Seemless interoperability between SIP endpoints and H.323-based network
  • Easy connectivity between VoIP networks of carriers and customers through conversion of media codecs
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