ImageMedia Gateway, also commonly referred to as VoIP Gateway is device which provides connection between an endpoint on VoIP packet-switched network and PSTN circuit-switched network.

The gateway translates between transmission formats and the communication protocols that are used on each side. The gateway packetizes the voice and routes it over VoIP network. In carrier class system, media gateways are provided as stand-alone devices.

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ImageDatabase System is the heart of the billing platform. The system features high-performance throughput with over 50 new calls per second capability and over 5 thousand concurrent calls and over 4,000,000 calls per day.

The database can run in a replicated mode to allow full fail over functionality. Our solution features SQL Server integration on Linux platform. Most of the billing logic is database based to allow high level of security and unmatched performance.

The overall DB implementation guarantees high performance results, high data security and industrial reliability.

Database Features:

  • High performance in multi-transaction, multi-threaded environment.
  • High index based data retrieval
  • High performance data manipulation based on stored procedure utilization
  • Support for popular ODBC/JDBC/native drivers
  • Support for CGI scripts within the box
  • Support for special security agents for remote server connectivity
  • Data replication and mirroring
  • Manager access so managers can create their own database functionality and retrieve/present data on the fly.
  • Three-tier security for access to sensitive system data.


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