ImageDatabase System is the heart of the billing platform. The system features high-performance throughput with over 50 new calls per second capability and over 5 thousand concurrent calls and over 4,000,000 calls per day.

The database can run in a replicated mode to allow full fail over functionality. Our solution features SQL Server integration on Linux platform. Most of the billing logic is database based to allow high level of security and unmatched performance.

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SIPsense is a high-performance (can handle thousands of calls per second), easy configurable, and SIP (compliance to RFC3261) server.  It can act as SIP registrar, proxy or redirect server. SIPsense features an application-server interface, presence support, SMS gateway, SIMPLE2 Jabber gateway, RADIUS/syslog accounting and authorization, server status monitoring, security, etc. There is web-based management system for configuration and management.

Its performance allows it to deal with operational burdens, such as broken network components, attacks, power-up reboots and rapidly growing user population. SIPsense’s configuration ability meets needs of a whole range of scenarios including small-office use, enterprise PBX replacements and carrier services.

The SIPsense is intended to represent a genuine translation of circuit-switched dial plan configuration into Internet-centric mechanisms rather than the transliteration often seen. This architectural choice lends the SIPsense significant flexibility.


SIPsense provides a basic services of telephony including incoming calls and outgoing calls. SIPsense bridging between IP network and PSTN network makes users could communicate each other. VoIP users are provided by a various choise for their terminal such as analog phone with ATA, IP Phone or Wireless Phone, or Softphone in Laptop, PC or PDA.


Figure Services of SIPsense

Key Features: 

  • Carrier Grade Scalable Softswitch handle until 3,000 concurrent calls
  • Support Class 5 services (Caller ID, Call Conference, Forward, Transfer)
  • Support RADIUS server, Billing engine and Database system
  • Centralized service implementation and management
  • Intuitive web-based interface for system administrator
  • Compatible with VoIP Gateways, Routers and Switches of multi vendors
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