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ImageApplication Server provides a variety of features and applications that can operate on IP-based network. Application Server can be categorized into Media Server and Feature Server.

A Media Server is classified from Feature Server separately because applications need specific processing for media content. It means a Media Server must be supported by digital signal processing hardware with high performance.

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ImageiScope Analog Gateway is a cost effective stand-alone VoIP Gateway, provides superior voice technology for connecting legacy telephone and PBX system as well as integration with IP-PBX system. This gateway is suitable for VoIP deployment and is designed to be fully interoperable with a standard Softswitch, Gatekeeper or SIP Proxy system.

iScope Analog Gateway is an excellent solution for various emerging VoIP applications. This gateway can be used in voice communication through a VPN environtment, centralized IVR or Contact Center, PBX integration with VoIP network, and direct/remote POTS and FAX extensions.

Voice Compression

iScope Analog Gateway is provided with a various type of voice codec PCM G.711 A-law and U-law, GSM codec, and G.729 a toll quality voice codec.

Provide Interoperability

iScope Analog Gateway provide interoperability with various type of standard Softswitch, Gatekeeper and SIP Proxy. This gateway support H.323 and Session Innitiation Protocol (SIP) and also IAX2 Asterisk protocol. This gateway has been tested with iScope IP-PBX, SIPsense Carrier Grade VoIP, and various type of gateways Multitech, Sipura, Vodtel, Davolink, and Audiocodes.

Key Features

  • Spans a range of 1 – 24 analog ports
  • Support PSTN/PBX analog telephone sets or analog trunk lines
  • Support FXS and FXO Loop-start signaling
  • Connection to IP network through 10/100 Base-T Ethernet interface
  • Support H.323, SIP, and IAX2 Asterisk control protocol
  • Web-based configuration and management system
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